Sunday, July 6, 2008


race issue also because media will not let it go away

Normally I would feel like we’re much more into US Politics especially with the current race, but it’s winter vacation time here and many people are gone. More importantly, I think we’re so busy with our own problems at home with food, oil, 2010 World Cup, power, inflation, housing, and that’s just for starters.

I thought it was interesting that China was projected to pass the US in terms of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions! I didn’t know it was that soon. And there was one report that said this year in 2008 China already did surpass. I read this in the Economist. The article also included a quote by an Indian official who was indignant at the US’s refusal to take emission cuts unless China and India also did the same comparable cuts: Guys with gross obesity telling guys just emerging from emaciation to go on a major diet.

THAT made me laugh. It makes sense. I’m not sure with the post-Bush administration would do in terms of the Kyoto Protocol and all this global warming talk but I got a good laugh out of that comment which came out of indignation and anger.

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