Sunday, July 27, 2008


Here is the link to the remainder of the 6-part series on South Africa. Thanks, Alex.

You’ve probably seen the dancing friend who travels the world to film himself dancing. Well he has reached the news in South Africa. So we are now watching him or have at least seen him on our version of the Today Show or Good Morning South Africa.

I’ve had to type this update a few times, so I have forgotten everything I was going to say (today is now the 26th about two weeks after I started having crashing problems with this computer). But I think the few issues I’ll mention are below.

The Zim crisis still looms heavily on us. I wrote about it in the Africa section. Mbeki finally got both sides to agree to work out a government of national unity within two weeks. Since that was Monday, it should be one more week, now. So Mbeki is happy.

The election is next year though, and the ANC has asked premier (governor) of both the Western Cape (where I live in Cape Town) and Eastern Cape (where Haley lives) to step down. Many feel this is because they want to win the election carrying those provinces and they don’t think they can do it with those premiers. Whether or not that is true, they cited other reasons which do seem suspicious because they could have sacked these people long ago.

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