Friday, July 4, 2008


Chris Rock

Chris Rock is coming to South Africa next month. James Blunt will be here, too (is that his name). Anyway, I think Chris is funny because he made the comment that no one had ever heard of a superdelegate until a black man looked like he might win the nomination.


It’s a play by Buechner and a 1979 film; it’s a psychological drama (what does that mean?) about a soldier. But two things were special about this.

  1. It was puppet theatre
  2. It was put in a South African context which I ALWAYS appreciate. It was good.

It’s the style of puppet theater where you don’t care if the audience sees you (the puppeteer) or not, dating back from traditional Japanese theatre. So sometimes you had to just tune out the guy controlling the right hand, the one controlling the left hand, and the one behind (these were for the scenes where the puppet came out in front of the puppet stage. It was an eerie feeling. The play even employed a movie screen with animation to help visualize the emotional backdrop and scenery more. It was done well. It was only difficult to follow the smaller details of the plot. Sometimes you didn’t know what was going on. Check it out!



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