Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Dark Knight

I don’t see a lot of regular movies. But I just saw this one because someone was going to see it. And so I thought I would check it out even though I didn’t see the first new Batman with Katie Holmes. I won’t say much except that Christian Bale is excellent, in general, at most things he does. But Heath Ledger was pleasantly amazing in a disturbing way, very disturbing. It’s nice to get a different type or variety of role for him, but it’s sad if it messed him up. He did extremely well.

10th South African International Documentary Festival

Iron Ladies of Liberia

I spoke about this film in the Madiba’s Birthday section. So read that.

Dear Morris

Levitan had a 9-year pen pal relationship with a guy from the U.S. She flew to the US to finally meet him for the first time and he didn’t show up, didn’t answer her calls. Nothing. After flying back after a week, she never heard from him again. And this film deals with that mystery and letting go of Morris. It was funny and painful.

Old-time, Long-time Love

Kambandu is a young girl (maybe early 20’s) who doesn’t think marriage is relevant anymore disagreeing with her boyfriend. She goes around and interviews older couples to ask them why they got married and how they decided to do it.

Mbira’ My Music My Love

This is about an American-born Zimbabwean artist who is simply amazing. She plays a particular Zim instrument like a virtuoso.

Silent Response

A Congolese father lost his boy for awhile when the son left the house and ran away for a few days. They are united and work through counseling.

Where My Heart Belongs

Jen is a British girl who went to Malawi on holiday and met a Malawian. It’s funny to see the relationship. They are from different cultures, and he says things like “Here in Malawi, a man can leave the house and leave a woman alone for an entire day and she doesn’t say anything, not a word. But Jen requires so much more time. She needs, she wants, she needs, she wants. . .” Everyone laughed at this because you really cannot do that in western cultures. Everyone refers to the almost all white-audience in the theatre.

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