Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, home is still funny. I still usually must wash a pot or pan if I want to use it, either because it’s dirty and hasn’t yet been washed or it’s been washed but needs a bit more help. It’s still overwhelming to try to wash all the dishes every time you wash your own because you’ll be washing for ever. This happened to Radesh when he first moved in.

Well, guess what? Ryan was asked (by Anna) to move out—it’s called serving notice. Strangely enough, he was given a letter (it wasn’t done in conversation in person). I couldn’t believe it. I thought something had happened or gone wrong. No, not at all! “I just need more space,” said Anna. I couldn’t believe it. Let me tell you why.

Though Anna didn’t have to do so, she asked us (Ryan and me) if we would be ok if Radesh moved in just for 3 or 4 months (we’re at that deadline now). If either of us had said no, seemingly (who knows) he would have had to go somewhere else. Follow me, now: I say yes, and Ryan says yes. Radesh moves in. Anna and Radesh have problems and fight and make-up and fight and make-up and fight and make-up. When they fight, Radesh doesn’t really have anywhere to go because the house is so small. He’s either with her in the bedroom or in public with us (me) in the living room. If he’s sleeping on the couch we know something’s up. There’s nowhere to go. Before Radesh came, Anna never had any issue with space. After Radesh came, Radesh complained about always washing dishes asking Ryan whose dishes those are. Ryan and I laughed about it because we both always wash our dishes after we use it.

So it’s because Radesh moved in that Ryan is moving out. It’s because Ryan said yes that Radesh came in and now Anna is sending Ryan out. That’s the part I don’t like. I just wish we were told Radesh was moving in because I feel like Ryan’s niceness got him sent out. Anna felt very bad about it, though. And I just sit in wonder at how blessed I am because it could have been me. Ryan has as many months as he needs to find a new place and he has taken the news very well. So things are good between everyone. Just strange when you think about it.

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