Friday, July 4, 2008


The young man who asked that question reminded me of a lot of young men in this country. One thing we lack here are proper male role models, and so I have many men who reach out to me, more than back home, though I am older than I’ve ever been.

Besides housing, oil, and food prices soaring (along with inflation), the Scorpions controversy (the disbanding is being challenged), we are most concerned with Zimbabwe. I don’t think I need to say much since it appears to me that it’s international news.

We know that Tvangirai withdrew from the race this weekend. In all honesty, I am ambivalent. Whether he withdrew or stayed it didn’t make a difference to me. I think withdrawing at least lends legitimacy to the fact that the current regime is an illegitimate government. If he ran and lost, outsiders may say “Oh well, Mugabe won.” So maybe it’s better not to have an election. Personally I would not be running. He seems to have chosen the same route.

The SADC (meeting in Luanda) Chairman’s says Mbeki won’t return his calls.

Zim Police have raided the MDC HQ

Tvangirai has taken refuge in Dutch embassy

ZANU-PF says they are not averse to an MDC meeting and they are saying that the run-off election will go ahead. This seems not to make too much sense since the challenger has pulled out.

Consequently, travel and financial sanctions are sought by Brits (Brown), while D.C. says the Zim regime is not legitimate (Rice). The EU rejects a default, Mugabe win (due to Tvangirai withdrawal). So things are a huge mess. I just received a text message to go to a prayer meeting to pray about the Zimbabwe situation. It’s on the hearts and souls of the South African people. And honestly they are an “eye soar” on the continent. It’s hard because it gives the appearance that the continent is like that. And I would like to say that Mugabe is not representative of the entire continent. We do have good successfully democratic stories and elections. It’s important that you know that.

In other news, not much news.

Tiffandale (sp?), South Africa’s only ski resort, is now having a skiing championship competition. I saw an interview of a 12-year skier who is an “SA Senior Women’s Skier.” I struggled not to laugh. Maybe she was 15.

Bafana Bafana (SA Soccer team) is having trouble qualifying for the 2010 African cup of Nations. Luckily with the World Cup you qualifying just by hosting, but we’re not doing well for the next African Cup of Nations. There’s been so much excitement over the World Cup because everyone wants to be able to win their own World Cup. The problem is that the country started too late to reach this goal. We don’t have a nation-wide of infrastructure of soccer teams grooming boys from a certain grade and a strong super popular national soccer league. A lot of our good players are foreign and play for their home countries for events like the Olympics or World Cup. Right now, we’re just not good enough and may not get there in time.

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