Friday, July 4, 2008

UPDATE May 21, 2008

I’m sitting in here in my wonderful warm and skin-tone-complementing neck-zip fleece that Haley mailed me from the US eating actual Sun Chips that Rachael mailed me from the US. Thanks, ladies!!! It’s making my days.

I’m pretty sure the average American does not know the definition of the word xenophobia. I’m sure that the average South African didn’t know the definition either. But because people like print and broadcast journalists do and it has become a huge issue here in South Africa, now MOST people here know the word. And it seems strange because in the States it’s more like an SAT or GRE word.

May 21, 2008


Hi, this is Victor. Lots going on right now. We just finished lectures this past Wednesday. We have a week to study and exams begin at the end of next week. This is the first week in a long time I have had a little bit of breathing room. All of the lecturing and notes (textbook) writing duties are done. So now it’s just grading. I just finished grading two tests. And I’m going to be grading 3 different final exams another test and a project for which I’m not sure how to start. I think that will benefit the students because the time they told me to take to grade it is not a luxury I have. One of the 3 lecturers for this particular C++ computer programming course said it takes 1 entire day (fully devoted) to grade just one of those computer projects. I’m not sure about that. So we’ll see.

Let’s see. When I wrote last time about people not realizing I accidentally sent an old update, I was referring to people who respond. I was not talking about people who don’t. You have to remember, it’s not natural for me (myself) to respond when I see a group e-mail. So I don’t expect anyone else to. I only respond to them because I know friends in other countries want people to respond because it’s hard when you’re by yourself out somewhere. But for me, I think I only expect a response from personal e-mail. So I was referring to people who do respond—it seemed like those people didn’t notice. I was not at all crying out for a response. But thanks for people who did.

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