Friday, July 4, 2008


I won’t say too much, I’ll just say it’s a lot of comedy. Ryan comes out more and hangs a little bit more in the living room. I always enjoy talking to him because we laugh a lot especially about house stuff. So now, Radesh (Anna’s boyfriend with no place to stay) has moved in. Our rent has gone down a bit and then slightly back up (not to the full price) to help pay for insurance. But he has gotten frustrated a lot with mess. Anna doesn’t mind mess and can live with it. When she makes food or cooks something for instance, she just leaves the place like it is. So you will see things out and juice and food and bits and stuff. Radesh doesn’t like that. I think Radesh is slightly more like Ryan and myself. We immediately wash anything we put in the sink (unless I need to soak it first). And so Radesh was frustrated the other day asking Ryan, “Who put all these dishes in the sink?” Ryan told him it wasn’t Ryan. Radesh said “I just keep cleaning and cleaning and washing and washing and it never ends.” I think he doesn’t realize how much Anna puts in the sink. Otherwise, there’s no other way to explain it. Radesh, has caused a chore list to be produced. Although promised by Anna previously, she is a bit absent-minded and might never have done it (it was supposed to be made months ago like back in February I think). But Radesh getting tired of cleaning got it done. So now we have a lit of chores. This week I do the bathroom (it’s only the bathroom or the kitchen). I was surprised by the extensive list of things to do for each which I would not have thought of. It means I have to clean things whose dirt I do not contribute, but that’s life I guess. I have to look at the list before I clean because I remember not realizing that I was supposed to do some of that. So now we have 4 people in a 3 bedroom small place. And we still have visitors from time to time. So it can be a full, fun, community.

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