Friday, July 4, 2008


So it might not be best for me to stay in Cape Town during mid-semester winter vacation. But I decided to stay because of pressure. I think it could be wrong because I actually do need a break. I have not had a free Saturday/Sunday with no work in a long time (I don’t remember). And I look forward to that again.

Home is always a funny place with Radesh living here now. The new obstacle/issue is money. He moved in and they had never made a plan about what to do about their money or how/if it would be shared. So it creates problems for them. Anna is pretty open so she just shares (I actually like this). Sometimes I think this is because she thinks people can hear them argue and so it’s not a secret and she might as well talk or explain it. She asked if Haley had ever lived with me. I said no, though I have had two homes before (that’s unrelated to Haley). Anna went on to give me advice saying to settle money first and then just enjoy the relationship. I said no worries. Haley has strong views on most things including money and how that should work. I just ask her for more time before she tests me on these topics.

I was able to clean the bathroom no problems. But I could only do it at 11 at night through midnight. But I did it. Last week I was off, and this week I must clean the kitchen. I do a lot of the chores naturally because it’s naturally to take the trash out when it gets full, for instance.

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