Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well, I don’t remember all I wrote in the actual update, but I’m home now. And it’s always funny to be back here. The house is different since Hurricane Ike as there is a lot of hardwood floors and large, ceramic tile for the kitchen floor. In winter without heated floors you want to make sure you still wear shoes or socks (before, I started the practice of taking off shoes at the door for the carpets sake or to say you were standing on holy ground; I’m not sure which).

I’m just trying to get adjusted to being here for the moment. My biggest project is job applications for the next step. We’ll see what that is and what it may be. I’m looking at anything and everything. I’m not narrowing too much in the initial casting of the net. I’ll choose from which fish are caught. So we shall see. I finish here somewhere between July 1 and September 1 depending on when the next job needs me to start and if I feel like renewing my visa again past July 1 to the actual 2 year date of September 1.

Other than that my family has me doing music at my father’s church and running some small Christmas program. I’m supposed to be working on that. So I haven’t gotten to do much of some of my smaller projects yet. I’m also trying to ease myself into seeing people. It can be overwhelming a bit when everyone wants to see you and you go from person to person to person. That’s why it was nice the last time I was here in February to have a dinner and whoever could come could come. And then I could try to see those who couldn’t separately.

Everyone is good. My sister got a promotion at the job she left. Jose-Miguel (biostatistician and con-artist) says that the best way to get a promotion at your current job is to leave and go somewhere else. This is exactly what happened. I don’t think she planned it but it’s a nice one. My brother is a recruiter for an educational institute (I think they give associates degrees). And my father is looking for work. My mom is doing volunteer work right now. So people are good and making. I still have Christmas shopping to do in the U.S. Wish me luck!

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