Friday, January 30, 2009


Did anyone read about Samantha who is working at Oprah’s girls school in South Africa? I thought it was a nice way to give back and earn money while she finishes her thesis. A friend sent me this music video by Declan Galbraith about our world.

Also let me add an addendum to last week’s update. I probably do try to help people. I think I meant that I don’t try to think to help people. Rather, helping people happens naturally (automatically is a better word) without trying to think to help people. Truthfully I probably do think about it. But when asked by critics to analyze why I did what I did or do what I do, I often fall back on that “I was trying to help people” which is used against me. I do think it is a natural outcome of something greater rather than an intensely intentional thing. Automatic is probably a better word, though, there are still many areas for me to work on.

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