Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The rest of the time was busy spent seeing people. Some people are equal opportunity visitors and will allow you to do groups. Some people specifically want one-on-one time with Victor. So many days I spent going from a long breakfast straight to a long lunch and a small break in between and then a long dinner. At the same time, I tried to spend time with my family which I did a good job though someone made a comment that I was always out after I had postponed all engagements for the weekend of my dad’s church’s 1 year anniversary (my father actually rebooked my flight [they canceled the return flight in July which gave him some leverage to rebook the departure as well] to make me come back almost a week later so I would be in Texas for the 1-year anniversary of his church.

Many people asked me what I was doing during the entire 4-5 week break. I was trying to apply for jobs, write letters, visit friends, spend time with family, work on papers to be published, go over proofs of accepted papers before the editors send it off for printing, submitting manuscripts, looking for agents, record some songs, doing some research on a writing project, do the music for my dad’s church, cooking, do flyers and a video for my dad’s church, etc. The list goes on. The biggest thing for me to do was apply to jobs which I have actually officially started to do this week now that I’m back.

The one-year anniversary itself was nice. It was 3 days worth of events. My father’s church, originally planned to be a church plant of a previous church but was planted independently, has only 3 families in it. But for special events like the Christmas program or the 1 year anniversary the place gets full. Full is something like 50-60 people. It’s not a large building. So people came from Houston, in-state (Texas), other states, and (one person) from Nigeria. It was good. I was doing the music so my sister was able to get a break from choosing songs.

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