Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, since this update was deleted, and I had to retype it, I’m not sure what to write. I don’t have much to say. We’re still fighting the same fights and battling the same things. We still are looking for peace in Zimbabwe.
Obama still rules the world and South Africa! Ha ha!

We will again host Ms. World this year in 2009, and we have hosted it more times than any other country.

The biggest thing now is politics. We have another voting registration weekend even though they said the last weekend they did it was the last time. But we don’t have enough people registered. So the TV is filled with lots of adverts promoting getting registered to vote. Some opposition groups feel they have enough support to actual beat out the ANC this year. Most likely this will not happen, but there will be some change with the new opposition group COPE. We’ll see what will happen. You never know.

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