Friday, January 30, 2009


So I have been meaning to tell people about this exercise program. It’s a 6-week program that helps you to do 100 consecutive push-ups.

I have just completed the program, and some people make a big deal about me being bigger. I am actually not bigger, and I’m happy to say that I had breakfast with a friend after Christmas and she said that I was muscular judging from a picture she saw. Since the picture was taken in 2005, I felt vindicated that I was always a skinny kid (I say skinny because we all have muscles, they are just sometimes easier to see on me because I didn’t inherit a lot of body fat from my thin father). I do hate looking at yourself when working out. There’s a definite ego involved. I’m trying to stop looking in mirrors so much.

Anyway, join in if you would like. You can follow me on the push-ups logger. My login name is udoewa. I just completed the third day of week 6, so I will probably try a test in a few days. There is another program website started after the hundred pushups site. It’s called Two Hundred Situps.

Check ‘em out!
Beware, the pushups make men’s breast grow a bit bigger and gives women’s breast lift (due to the pectoral definition) but may make them grow smaller due to faster metabolism in general and due to increased muscle in that area.

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