Friday, January 30, 2009


Did you see this? All I could do was smile and laugh.
It’s about the cuddly first couple. From the moment I visited the States and went to an Obama speech in Houston, TX in February 2008 during the Democratic primary to the inauguration and this video, I’m pretty sure Obama has rock star or music star status. Hands down.

Obama has captured the hearts and minds of people here. My pastor approached me today (Wednesday, the 27th) saying that he was not Black, nor American, but he was so moved by the ceremony. The most amazing thing to him about it is that it’s a completely political event and at the center of it he felt God was there or that it was about God. He said this because of the prayers during the inauguration (this is not common for all countries so some people see the U.S. ceremony as very Godly).

He still covers popular magazines. I have now seen he and his wife on the cover of South African popular magazines, even Afrikaans South African magazines. It’s amazing.

And yes, people have already started being disappointed. Some didn’t like his choice of Rick Warren, some didn’t like him appointing the gay bishop to do a prayer for one of the inauguration events. Some want him to take a harder stance with Israeli-Palestinian relations. And many disagree with many of his appointments. But overall, public opinion of him seems not yet to have waned. He is still flying high in people’s sights. And I imagine he will be given much slack since he is viewed as capable, intelligent, and having the American people’s interest at heart.

My pastors were enamored with Rick Warren’s prayer. I thought his words were nice, but I really liked the words of the pastor who closed the actual inauguration ceremony, Reverend Dr. Joseph Lawrence. Did you hear his words? Though he had a funny ending (“. . .where every red man, can get ahead, man. . .”), I thought his prayer, his words were excellent. In fact, there were lots of excellent words that day.

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