Thursday, September 25, 2008


This past weekend I went ice skating with the Blits kids. Blits is the Friday night program at my church for grades 4-7 (the highest grades of primary school before going to high school here). It was SOO much fun. I definitely enjoy roller skating over roller blading and ice skating (especially since we tend and tended to dance more and have all sort of prizes and competitions). It was just FREEZING. And it was already cold due to winter time, but we enjoyed it. I missed those kids. I hadn’t hung out with that group in awhile (I usually work with high school kids on Saturdays or grades 1-3 on Sundays).

On Saturday I helped a masters student with his thesis, then I went to a meeting at my church for a formal I’m helping with. The theme is a Night at the Oscars. If you’d like to go, let me know. It’s on the 23rd of September. Then I ran home to change to sing at a choir festival followed by a dance festival I attended. Then on Sunday I had a nice American friend (from HOUSTON) come visit my church. Michelle is a confident woman who decided to still pursue her dream of a law degree no matter how long it took. She’s here doing a semester abroad. And she had a good time at church. Afterwards, I had a meeting for the formal again, and I spent the afternoon with a Congolese guy and a Malawi-Zim guy. The three of us – A DRC-SA guy, a Malawi-Zim guy, and a Nigerian-American guy—made me happy like I was looking at a picture of world peace or better yet, heaven. But as my Zim-Malawian friend shared, we, as humans hurt inside.

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