Thursday, September 25, 2008


I haven’t seen anything lately, but people here love Charlize and refer to her as a Benoni girl (referring to her part of town). Anna laughs when people mispronounce her surname. They say it differently here. They truly find her beautiful as one of SA’s own.

I also wanted to put a plug-in for a good friend of mine. I used to sing with her in a gospel choir, and we would visit each other while studying in university. She is now a full-time musician. But what I think is great is that Kristin has a children’s album called Alphabet Rockers. Check it out.

Lastly, do you know Roald Dahl? You probably do. Have you read Matilda? Perhaps. Well, lately I’ve been looking at the work of his illustrator Quentin Blake. I’m sure when you see his illustrations you will realize you’ve seen some before. Take a look. There’s a quivering simplicity to them that attracts.

Oh yeah, I accidentally now sing with the revived UCT Choir for Africa (as opposed to the UCT Choir which sings a lot of Western/European music). My church’s elders are still stalled on the details of the choir they want me to run, but I know it will be a worship-leading choir (like Hillsong for example) and not a performing choir much to the disappointment of the choir members. A girl that I teach voice lessons wants to start performing with a jazz combo, so we are working on repertoire for her and will be looking for a group.

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