Thursday, September 25, 2008


People keep asking me about these issues. I didn’t have any jobs this year so I am remaining here a second year. It’s quite possible that people who wonder about this may not even read this section, but just sharing. Most probably I’ll be heading to the States for Christmas and again next year in the US-summer, say June-July.

For now my artery project keeps me busy. I’m in the testing phase, but there is a problem with the testing so there are no results yet. I am still working and trying to get help on HIV/AIDS ideas and waiting to see what happens with the grant. I’m still supervising masters and 4th year students both formally (one) and informally (many). I also start lecturing a week from Monday. For now, this coming week is spring vacation.

I’ve had two papers accepted so far, but after submitting the revisions for the first they sent back something saying they won’t accept it until the English is further revised (remember how people would tell me I should sit down with a native speaker of English to help me? Andrew, my colleague, thinks people were prejudice because of my last name since I could definitely speak, read, and write English). Well, this time they said I should sit with a science writer. I may or may not do that. But the rule is “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” And though scientific writing is incomprehensible and awkward an garbled to me, if I write in an unorthodox way that is clearer and simpler (constant passive voice is not simple nor is natural; people tend to switch between passive and active not just for variety but for different emphasis in a sentence) it is seen as unclear and obtuse. So I have to sit down and study some of the writing because I don’t think they will ask me to submit a 4th version if they don’t like this 3rd one. It’s humbling.

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