Thursday, September 25, 2008


There are some people who always ask me how is home, and I have no idea what to say. Home is home and doesn’t change much, and I am not here much. A few weeks ago the dog was able to negotiate an opening past Anna’s leg defenses and get into the house. It then proceeded to jump on top of me stepping on my keyboard. The laptop fell and was turned off, but it was ok, and Anna grabbed the dog and took him out. Then it happened all over again as if I had only dreamed the first happening because surely a dog cannot get past your legs and the slightly askance door twice without a larger opening. But it did. This time the computer seemed to have been damaged more as it fell harder to the floor. But it was still ok.

Other than that, Ryan has moved out. I missed seeing him because I decided to drive to Grahamstown the Saturday he was moving. I hope he is enjoying his new place. I think he is because last weekend he went to Mzoli’s, a famous township meat restaurant.

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