Thursday, September 25, 2008


Home is funny. We’re not supposed to put shampoo and similar products on the ledge of the tub but others are doing it so maybe I can. The painting is definitely done. Do to the painting the mirror above the sink was removed, so I never see my face before leaving the house. Hopefully it’s clean. Because we were not supposed to leave shampoo or leave the bath mat (you must pick up the bath mat and hang it somewhere after showering and stepping on it and you must put up your shampoo) I didn’t bother using either. The only rule I actively followed was cleaning out the strainer. You have to pick it up and clean it out, or else you break the rule. On another note, it was hard for me to clean the house when Anna’s mother was here because there was so much stuff in the kitchen, but this is my weekend, so I will give it a go.

I still usually must wash stuff before I use it but it makes me laugh because in Ghana I would have used less clean pots than this. But is nice to grab something clean from the dish rack instead of something else from the dish rack.

Ryan leaves this weekend. He found a new place. I will miss him though I saw him little. He invited me out places and I appreciated that as well as meeting and hanging with his friends. I wish him well.

In the meantime, because electricity and water was high for 1.5 months this winter and Ryan had a 3-week guest, Anna had a 3-week guest, and I had 4 3-4 day guests Anna asks us to pay more. It’s not exactly correct since our rent is all inclusive and doesn’t fluctuate with the price but she may have said something aurally to me about this when I moved in. I’m not sure. She has also asked that I fill the kettle with the exact amount I need for tea or whatever and not to use the heater in my bedroom (if I needed heat I should use the one that works like a light bulb in the living room). I didn’t bother; I’m used to those bills going up in the winter. It’s cold and people use energy to stay warm. She may no be used to it. So I put up my heater and took longer hot showers (not purposely) and did more hot water bottles because it’s COLD. You see if you deny warmth from one angle, my body naturally tries to get it from another way. Haley said it’s silly not to use the other heater just because you think it’s silly that I’m not supposed to use mine. She’s right: I’m freezing. So I wanted to get the living room heater, but people use it for the living room. So there’s a problem.

And now we’ve had a return of winter temperatures and can possibly expect snow on the highest mountaintops or wherever it is we get snow.

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