Thursday, September 25, 2008


You probably already know the Zim meetings stalled because Tsvangirai (leader of the MDC) got up and walked out of the meeting. He claimed he needed time to think about it. It’s rumored that the problems right now deal with power-sharing and Tsvangirai wants more of the power as prime minister. He implies that a week position for him does not violate his own principles but violates the will of the people. Any power sharing deal, he says, must fit the will of the people. I think he’s implying that he won the June elections fairly. We shall see.

There was a coup last week in Mauritania, and so the AU kicked Mauritania out. We watch and wait to see what shall happen in the future as there is not immense pressure to ask the general leader there (Abdelaziz) to resign or step down.

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