Thursday, September 25, 2008


On August 2nd, a tutoring program was started. I tried to join the fact that this Cape Town suburban school for kids (mostly black) from two townships (New Crossroads and Gugulethu) needs tutors/mentors with the fact that my life group needs to get more others-focused. So instead of me going myself, I tried to get my life group (all students) to volunteer. The problem was that university students are notorious for lack of commitment and the school was already wary. So I had good talks with my life group about being sure you could commit. We divided us into two groups—those who could commit every Saturday for one term (a quarter, one half of a semester) and those who might come less (biweekly or monthly). Out of 15, only 3 would commit to every Saturday for only six Saturdays (it would be 8 but last weekend was Women’s Day and in one week is a parent-teacher day on Saturday). So we started it on August 2nd with Autumn. It was a nice start with Autumn and two other girls from my life group. But now one of the two girls started a marriage prep course after committing to the tutoring. The course is going away for the weekend and having some sessions out of town. I’m sitting in or taking the course, too, but I committed first to the tutoring so I’m not going. She is. And I feel sad about that because I have to tell the school one of the committed girls (who drives the other girl) will not be coming. I wanted to avoid that. The kids were so precious. We went around the first week with each person giving one thing that causes despair or worry and one thing that gives hope. DO you know at least ¼ of them said what gives them hope was our presence and that they know they will pass and do well because we’re there (and we had not even started any tutoring or mentoring!). Wow.

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