Thursday, September 25, 2008


My time/fellowship is almost up, and I feel like I haven’t done much. I’m still working on the testing of the blood flow model inside of arteries. But now each day I’m supposed to be applying to one job for the end of next year 2009. I’m a week behind, but I’ll catch up.

I’ve also started lecturing again. After spring break, I am lecturing the second half of the second semester (or the fourth quarter)—just one course. But it’s new material from my own notes so it takes some work. The students are masters students and they don’t understand the text that I had to use for the first week (the first guy didn’t finish his section, so I am finishing it for him, though I don’t really use the material in my work; so I’m learning with the students).

Lastly the Bill Gates Foundation replied declining the proposal. Though they don’t give individual feedback they did give general feedback that was not given before hand (I mean the general comments would have been useful before hand). It tells the way in which winning proposals were framed, shaped, written. There is a round two and HIV is still a part of it. So I will submit again by November for the $100,000 seed money grant. In the meantime, the axiom (by me) that says the slowest way to find an opportunity is to offer to volunteer. Not a single HIV/AIDS person has welcomed any free help. So I go it alone. Most people also don’t have time for you in terms of questions. That’s it would be nice if I had a friend who worked in the area. I would just call him up.

People still ask me about the NASA timeline, so I’ve included it below. Thanks, Mark. In short, I don’t know what I’m doing next year since many are asking.

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