Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update - April 3, 2009

We don’t bequeath the earth to our children, we borrow it from them.

I am sitting in a movie theatre with about 90 chairs. I am with two other friends sitting in the middle of a middle row. There are 3 people in the 45 seats in front of us and about 3 people in the 30 seats behind us. In the sea of that empty theatre, a couple comes up to us, and the woman announces rather succinctly that we are sitting in their seats.

An anatomy PhD student comes up to me and asks how many paper publications I have. I say 4, immediately realizing that I need to downgrade that to 3 because one was rejected after 1.5 years in provisional acceptance and editorial changes. He heartily laughs and says “I have four publications JUST from my time as a master’s student and none of the four were even connected to my master’s thesis.” More laughter.


Funny. It seems like so much is going on and so little. I’m preparing to leave, but things are kicking off.

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