Thursday, July 2, 2009

UPDATE - April 10, 2009

Hello. Things are somewhat quiet here. I had a nice choir rehearsal this week. I had one of those Black South African experiences when I had a music gig (Yayy!) at a junior girls school (elementary/primary school up to grade 7). It was a guitarist and I. It was run by a mother of a grade 7 girl in my church’s children’s ministry. Additionally, this mother is the landlady of a newlywed couple I know and at whose wedding I sang. I was with the couple out-of-town planning their wedding when someone broke into the building, so we had to race there from out of town and meet with this woman. On top of that, she auditioned for the choir, so she’s met me ample times.

When arrived, she asked who I was. She guessed that I might be related to the other musician. “Oh are you Wes’s friend?” Wow.

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