Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Have you seen this movie? I think it’s hard to make Holocaust movies because there are so many. How do you do it with originality? Is it politically incorrect to say that there are too many such movies? Are there any new stories? This is a new story that I have never heard. Daniel Craig, of course, always seems super-hard and tough.

Quantum of Solace
I didn’t see Casino Royale, but the action and fighting in this movie actually seems real, but it’s so quick, hard, and fast-paced/frantic. I’ve never seen fighting scenes like this and don’t usually associate such a style with Bond films. I didn’t see Casino Royale, but it’s definitely a new style. Bond seems different in these movies. Daniel Craig just seems hard (tough) to me, not as smooth, yet.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
What? I think it’s supposed to be just a fun movie. Ha ha!

I went to the Cape Town museums last week, and I’d like to say that I really enjoy looking at and learning about Rock Art. And we have it around the world, in Europe, Asia, the Americas. But it’s really cool to see it here, rock art from South Africa.

I went to an exhibit (well the lobby of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [AAAS] ) of the covers of Science magazine. That was really cool to see the intersection of art and science as cover designers seek to illuminate science in an engaging and attractive way.

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