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Hey Friends,

Bring your passport, pack your favorite pajamas, and come join a Sleepover - The Global Sleepover™! After all, who doesn't love a sleepover? We'd love to have you stop by, visit, sign-in, and leave your comments at:

I'm writing to tell you about a children's project I've been working on called The Global Sleepover, product of Forty Winks, LLC,. Everywhere suddenly becomes a Sleepover - imagine a Sleepover at Machu Picchu in Peru , ancient Mayan ruin, castles of Scotland , ice patches of Antarctica, pyramids of Egypt !

What is The Global Sleepover? At its core, The Global Sleepover invites children (ages 7-11) to accompany fictional characters on fictional sleepovers at locations throughout the world through books, Sleepover GearPacks, online interactive options, and more. Sleepover GearPacks contain everything a child needs for a Sleepover in any country- items for the GearPacks are procured from small and women-owned businesses. Children can also get their own diplomatic passport and visa stamps (to use to log-in online) for each Sleepover location! We'll also have Sleepovers at organizations/institutions providing creative, positive and progressive solutions to social problems. For example, Sleepover at an art therapy home in Africa, an eco-farm in Brazil , a hydropowered plant in Micronesia .

First Book: The first book, Sleepover at the White House, is due out May 2009.

Who are the Sleepover characters? Meet Clarity (age 10.5) and Juliet (age 10)! Pictures attached. The personality and look of Clarity the character is based on my god-daughter Clarity. The project was established with much creative consult from the "real-life" Clarity. This led to plans for a Sleepover Children's Education Initiative, providing educational programs, and Sleepover Little Entrepreneurs Program, encouraging children as entrepreneurs. Because listening to children is all it takes.

I've been thinking about Sleepovers all the time lately but I'm real excited with this! Send any comments you may have - looking forward to seeing you on a Sleepover!


Geeta Raj
Founder, The Global Sleepover
President, Forty Winks, LLC
"Who Doesn't Love a Sleepover?"

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