Sunday, March 2, 2008


So much of what I do depends upon others. So it’s hard when most of the time I am waiting on people and cannot move. I deal with so many people that either don’t respond or take a very long time to do so. So I wait. I hope the BOGO program can be brought to South Africa. I’m also working on extending PeacePal to South Africa. Recently I found sites in El Salvador and Mozambique that are interested in being pen pals with American school students. EXCITING!!

Work continues on the HIV/AIDS rally in mid June. I’m excited. And I really hope I get Peace Corps education or youth development volunteers to bring some kids out. We’ll see. (some are interested in the pen pal program).

I’ve even found some general projects for groups of students to visit and do work for a few weeks (or a month). I wish the YES kids were coming to South Africa. The opportunities are endless and abounding here. There have been times when Habitat for Humanity (the university chapter) has not had many builds. That is because of a shortage of money. Each house costs. But the YES kids are so good about raising money for the project as well and tying the community’s willingness and partnership and skills-education into the receipt of those funds. It would have been wonderful. But I’ve got some contacts for a short visit or vacation into rural areas or into Mozambique for instance.

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