Sunday, March 2, 2008



It was a good movie but I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be better the way people were talking. Maybe it wasn’t as amazing because I was on a plane and disturbed by aching legs.

Into the Wild

I didn’t understand why people said this was good, but I was told that by a hippie, so I knew what to expect. I thought it was going to be boring with just a guy in the wild the whole time. There was a lot more to it. At first I felt challenged by my life that maybe I was living superficially but I realized that the boy was driven into the wild not because freedom couldn’t be found where he was, but because of a broken home and broken relationships with his parents. The very thing he ran away from – people – was what he found along the way. It’s the same with my friends who travel alone abroad. They say they don’t want to go or travel with anyone. But the FIRST thing they do when they get there is find people and meet people. In other words, they relate. It’s built into us; it’s so natural. We can’t help it. Even if someone likes living alone; it’s still not natural. And the main character met and related to a lot of people along the way. In a way they sustained him. It was only when he was alone that his health suffered without the nourishment of people and healthy relationships. He really was in the wild.


Fun movie. Michelle does still seem young.


I sometimes will watch any movie Nicole Kidman does. Though it may not have been the best movie for people, it is nice that she’ll do a thriller instead of just a drama.

Things We Lost in the Fire

All I can say is Benicio del Turo. The guy can act. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like this specifically. Oprah said people have called him “brooding,” “dark,” “mysterious,” “sexy,” “intense,” etc. Well, he’s just a good actor. He did very well. I like how the casting director chose children who were supposed to be half way in color between Halle and David Duchovny (her husband). Halle is actually already mixed, so they chose really bright kids but they were really close to Halle’s color. I think about 7 genes determine skin color. And in such a marriage it’s possible to come out all white.



PS I Love You

I really liked this movie. I didn’t know much about it and wasn’t going to see it. Haley had heard about it, and I only saw it because she wanted to see it and it somehow makes me feel connected to see a movie she wants to see though we’re on opposite sides of the country. It’s a comedic romantic drama or a dramatic comedy. I’m not sure if it should be called romantic or not, so it wasn’t the normal deal. My audience had a good time laughing all the way through especially at the parts where they say things like Americans are exotic or dumb (this was in Ireland).

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