Sunday, March 2, 2008


BOGO stands for buy-one-give-one. There is a BOGO solar flashlight program that provides the given flashlight to villages, schools, and sites in the developing world. These flashlights can be in regions with either no electricity or inconsistent electricity where people must use candles which can be dangerous. The flashlights aid in doing homework at night (literacy), walking home at night (safety), preventing fires and burns from candles (safety), giving a portion of a family’s income back to use on food/education/water/transportation//health/housing/business (elimination of poverty), keeping people from destructive choices at night to lead longer healthier lives (health), and replacing kerosene lamps and eliminating the need to destructively dispose batteries (environment) in developing countries.

When a person buys a BOGO solar flashlight, she receives one and chooses which non-profit organization (school, faith-based group, NGO, etc.) through which the other should be sent. This group was brought to my attention and I was asked to be a distributor here in Southern Africa. In order for me to do this, I need a US-based non-profit to be the partner that a purchaser chooses. When a partner has received 500 orders, SunNight Solar ships the flashlights from China to the location of the distributor/affiliate (that would be me) to then send out.

Alternatively, a group can just fundraise and purchase flashlights directly for their overseas project in a developing country without waiting for flashlight purchasers to send the 2nd-give-one flashlight to their organization. So I’m looking for two things. So right now, the only eligible potential I have may take a very long time to decide to do it and eventually may not decide to do it. So

  1. If you are connected to a non-profit (faith based or not) and want to join the program sending your flashlights to me in South Africa, please let me know. Your group can also directly raise money for flashlights instead of waiting for purchasers to choose your group.

  1. If you want to just fundraise to buy flashlights to send me (your group can be profit in this case), please feel free to join in. And let me know!

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