Monday, March 24, 2008


I actually don’t mean to talk about Obama all the time, but people here don’t really talk about McCain. And Clinton rarely comes up. The talk and craze centers on Obama. But I know someone, a friend of mine who receives my updates, who thinks Obama is an America-hater who wants to take over and ruin America. So I’m really just sharing topics; all the topics in my update come from actual events and conversations that happened during the week.

I also think McCain and Clinton don’t put out music videos. But surprise surprise! Someone sent me a McCain video; although, when you see it, you’ll know it’s not pro-McCain. I was also sent two youtube videos of MadTV sketches. One was very racy; the second I liked better because it helps explain the ambiance in the states. Hillary was speaking at a Woman of the Year event and Obama walks in and draws all the attention. And the antics begin. People keep interrupting Hillary to make Obama sing or do impressions. It’s really quite funny. Finally, they decide to give the award for Woman of the Year to Obama. They got a lot of the facial looks, posturing and gestures. And they made comments that gave me insight into people’s views of Clinton and Obama. or

It’s a spoof on the Will.I.Am video for Obama.

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