Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, I’m a teacher of teachers, these days, as you know, a prof of science education (don’t ask me how). So I sent out feelers to all the teachers I work with to see if any would be interested. More people are always interested than the number of people who will follow through. Well only two responded. But last week Friday, one teacher invited me to his new campus (he is teaching at a different school this year) to meet with this principal for 5 minutes and the head of schools (superintendent) of the charter school family for 1 minute. Then we set down and talked for awhile and I met the head of expeditionary learning. This school makes all students do expeditions to experience research, fieldwork, project work, and service. So they LOVE the idea. They love going to a different country. They are Pre-K through 11th grade. And when the 11th graders become 12th graders they want all the 12th graders to do multi-month solo expeditions everywhere, all around the world. So the principal was eager to see synergy between my program (really, do I have a program?) and her school.

So I sat down with the head of expeditionary learning and she was excited about it. Her only concern was money, so I’m putting together a budget and will talk to them again next week hopefully before she presents it to the principal and head of schools to see if it’s a go. But they definitely want to do it. WOWZERS!!

I even have college students who were part of the original program who are interested in accompanying the program in the summer (I told them this is part of my vision for the program). Some want to help work on the program during the year. And I could pay them to do it. So this seems to be something that is bigger than me and almost destined to become a program. I’m willing to lend my hand and help especially if it gives kids from low-income communities opportunities to build themselves and build others in other parts of the world, opportunities that some of they may not have ever had.

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