Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Funny enough, one of the things I do is run a dating service or a matching service. It’s a small outfit, and it follows an organic and relational model. We’ve no web-presence and are only promoted through word of mouth and e-mail. I run it with my roommate Praj. This is a promotional section from a monthly newsletter to my fellowship program.


Some of us are married, some single, some divorced, some partnered. Some of us
are living apart from our families, spouses, partners, or kids (LDS - long distance
syndrome). Since the beginning of the fellowship, some of us have started new
relationships; others have separated or broken up, some while still LD; still
others have both started and ended new relationships. Through it all, the same
request has come to Practor&Vij time and time again. "I want you to find me a man."
It's come up so often, that we at Fellows Monthly are pleased to present to you

Practor's Promise
The Success rate of Millionaire Matchmaker meets the Excitement of the Bachelor

There comes a time. . .
When we heed a certain call . . .
When we all must come together as one
[theme music]

No need to hang out in the local coffee shop to find a date. Practor's Promise recognizes it can be difficult to meet people with whom you share common interests and goals within your geographical area, or when you do meet them, they already have spouses and support polygamy. Well, we can help. Practor's Promise matches you with compatible local men or women - whether you're looking for love in Shaw or Capitol Hill, Arlington, or Takoma, in the Capitol or at the Metro stop.

Using the 29 dimensions of compatibility that are predictors of long-term relational success,
we have gone further than eHarmony. Using a slew of statistical optimization methods we have
optimized the 29 dimensions and their interplay, and we've added 6 more dimensions, 2 of which
we look for incongruence between potential partners. As my mama used to say "You can't
glue two pieces of sandpaper together without roughing them up a bit. " Ha ha ha! That's our
motto at Proctor's Promise. Better than eHarmony or we'll pay your subscription and wedding
fees (they're that good--but we're that much better). Eharmony accounts for 2% of US marriages, we account for 2% of global weddings, but we're just guestimating as it's impossible to keep track of the data. Ha ha ha!! Still that's an impressive guestimate!

Practor's Promise is dedicated to finding you love every single day, unless yesterday worked for you. Who knows?? Oh, wait, we should know. . .Our compatibility matching system matches people on 35 dimensions of compatibility, and 35 dimensions can't be wrong, can they?

[We at Practor's Promise want to emphasize that we believe the best way to get to know someone is outside of a romantic relationship and rather start a romance after already knowing the person as a friend. But we know this is not always possible, and we believe that people are adults while others just believe in "dating-to-know" and enjoy it. And we understand. We just like to inform you of the facades and impressions we, as humans, put forth when dating and sometimes how hard it is to see the real person when we're trying to put our best foot forward in dates. So though we prefer you to get to know someone outside of a relationship, with a Practor's Promissory note, you can be potentially matched with a friend you already know or a completely new person and sent on a blind date. You can also talk on the phone or e-mail for awhile getting to know each other in a romantically potential context before taking the first step. It's all about you. Today is your day.]

There are 3 easy steps

1) Fill out a questionnaire and take Practor out to dinner to talk about what you want. (the dinner is part of your fees. Don't complain. At least we're letting you eat, too.)

2) Review the selected highly compatible matches we find.

3) Choose a meeting plan that best fits your compatibility level and ease.

4) Go buy some popcorn and watch the sparks FLY!

Correction--4 easy steps.

When we set you up on a date, we have a few easy rules.

1. Be easy (No conjugation)
For those of you who are flipping through your grammar books, keep flipping.

2. Remember it's just a first date
No expectations (not low or high expectations, just don't have any)
For the moment don't naturally expect this to go all the way. Let it be what it is,
a first date and enjoy the moment of it as much as possible.

3. Have fun (especially if you're paying us; we're having fun with your money!)

Note, we are having fun with the advert, but this is a real service. E-mail
prajandvictor@gmail if interested. We at Fellows Monthly
know there are a few guys who are interested but have too much pride to
ask. We offer counseling services for your pride and matchmaking services
for your ego; ALL are welcome!

Knowing that there are fellows who have a no-dating-fellows rule, we are able
to match both outside of the fellowship circle and within it. It depends on your

We maintain all confidentiality. So many people ask and talk to us about
relationships but we don't divulge any of it as long as we're sober. So feel
easy and free.

Make your Proctor's Promissory Note TODAY!
Prices vary.

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