Sunday, August 1, 2010


I always have too much to tell, and people get annoyed with length, but I wanted to share one more thing--movies.

This is a documentary by Participant Media. I highly recommend it though it’s depressing. It opened last weekend, but you should be able to still find it. It tells the history of nuclear armament and explains which countries still voluntarily have it and which don’t; it makes the case for nuclear disarmament. And it’s a good case.

Trailer & Ways to help

Different Drummer (I worked with these people to get free tickets for my entire fellowship class)

Participant Media

Great creative, new concept. Thank you for that!

Interesting. I think about these agent CIA issues all the time as you can tell. The African American agent in the movie is a Nigerian-Englishman who does accents quite well. I heard him do a Nigerian accent in “Dirty Pretty Things.” Angelina is a good actor as usual.

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