Sunday, August 1, 2010


I won’t say much, as I’ve talked about poverty before. But I recently found someone who defines it similarly to me. I couldn’t believe it! I specifically have never felt poor because I’ve always had people around to help even if I did fall on hard times. I had a friend once who was struggling financially and her father wanted to help. But she refused saying “I didn’t want my father to help me and bail me out. I wanted to trust God this time,” for her heavenly father to help her.

What’s so strange is that people compartmentalize “spiritual things” all the time. I would say the spiritual makes no sense without the physical. They are intertwined, not in God, but in us (actually in God as well). We are human, that means we live in the tension of humanity and divinity and escaping one or the other is probably trouble. So I live for the day when a friend I that situation would see her father helping her as God helping her, that God LOVES to work through people, and that it is a blessing (from God) to have a father who helps.

Others aren’t as lucky. I’ve counseled people with family who won’t help them or no family or friends--no one. Check out this definition of poverty.

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