Friday, January 25, 2008


January 23, 2008

Top 13 Reasons you KNOW the US has a HUGE influence here.

13. South Africans are voting for the next US President.

12. South Africans cry when the dollar goes down. (where’s the tissue?)

11. People mention Congress without saying US. (there’s only one right?)

10. There are South Africans who have an American accent. (what?)

9. One of the top gangs in CT is called the Americans. (huh?)

8. South Africans look for tissues when the Federal Reserve sneezes! Aaaachew!

7. Even South Africans make clicking-language jokes. (:D)

6. There is more “American” food here than South African (whatever that is?)

5. South Africa’s Next Top Model has all skinny girls. (silence)

4. Black South African girls from the country gorge on food the week before they go

home to the country and try to starve themselves before arriving back in Joburg where

their friends noticing the 2 kg increase will comment “You haven’t been to the gym,

lately, have you?”

3. A South African man listening to an American cover song identified the song and

original singer as Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” and the singer as Barry White!


2. A South African will tell you whether he is a Republican or a Democrat! (wha--)

1. They showed a TV ad for the George Lopez show, and they called it “Everybody’s

favorite South American family.”


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