Friday, January 25, 2008


For instance, Anna is doing this, getting one with Radesh. It seems my I may still be in a temporary office (my 2nd) and with a temporary computer (my 2nd), but this second temporary home may be my final. You see, she is now staying. Instead of going back to the UK during the month of February she will instead use the money to get this relationship visa with her boyfriend. This will finally allow her to work and get money officially. So Radesh has changed her story and mine as well.

So we’ve had ants on the table top/counter. And now last weekend I noticed them on the floor. I think there is a difference between people about comfort with messes and when you leave them and how long they stay there and whether you clean a splash or something. I had the sleak, slimy, shiny slug thing jump out of my closet once this week. And there was one on a pot that I pulled out. So it’s kind of different living here. I’m comfortable though. Oooh, I just had another one that was in my cupboards on my clothes, I had to shake my clothes and then do something to it (I won’t say kill for my animal friendly friends).

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