Friday, January 25, 2008


Carmen (SA Township version)

They call her Carmensitha. I saw this on TV tonight (Thursday). Pretty cool. They actually sang it in Xhosa. So it’s strange to hear the EXACT same music with Xhosa clicks (c’s, q’s, and x’s). Very interesting. Nice to see big women (this includes Carmensitha) instead of the skinny ones and dancing closer to the black culture in SA. It was complete with witch doctors and SA “eh’s”. The cigarette smoking of all the girls at the beginning looked strange though. I LOVED when Carmensitha (the actor/singer) digged down into her chest voice. It was riveting. She had an excellent voice.

Feast of Love

Interesting movie. Supposed to be me and Haley when we get older (Morgan Freeman and some white woman as his wife). Sad at the end and throughout. It has nudity in it and sexual situations, so you shouldn’t watch it if it will offend (that doesn’t involve Morgan of course).

They showed a TV ad for the George Lopez show, and they called it “Everybody’s favorite South American family.”

Elton John had a good concert here. Also here this month is Julio Iglesias. I would not have guessed him to come to South Africa.

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