Monday, January 21, 2008

UPDATE - January 12, 2008

January 12, 2008

Every day after hiking up the mountain to my office, there is a pool of water on the floor trailing behind me in the office. I refuse to change clothes and work as-is. However people usually notice the pool of water trailing behind my drenched and soaked self. If they ask, I tell them the truth. “I was exercising vigorously, you know!” All the water makes using the restroom very uncomfortable.

I’m highly allergic to all species of roaches. And while I was in the lieu at a certain church, there was a roach that spoke to me as it sat on the toilet seat, shocked that I would dare invade it’s privacy, as if I had missed the occupied sign on the stall. I left immediately not wanting to contend with a roach or my imagination. I went to the sink to wash my hands, and there was his cousin staring at me. Needless to say, I didn’t wash my hands. I think I’ve started noticing dark splotches on my hand. . . .I’ll look for an allergy specialist soon.

I went to a Rotary meeting, and the future president (this winter in June/July) told me he noticed I had a partially Nigerian and partially American (I think he said American) accent. And he said most people he met with my background have the same accent. Huh?


Somehow, as always happen when you put yourself out there, you offend. So to set the record straight, let me quickly address some things from my last update. I often deal along the impulsive. I don’t act on it, but you will often find me pondering it, examining it, letting it breathe so as to render it powerless. We all think. And updates or blogs are thoughts. I wish I could prioritize tact over honesty. And perhaps tact is not the right word, but I am always honest about thoughts and impulsive feelings. And that’s ok.

It’s actually quite natural to at least consider (thank you, JM, for guidance) living in the same place as a spouse. So I think that was a good thing for me to consider. And so Haley moving to South Africa caused me to consider coming here. That’s a good thing. I wasn’t forced at all. I didn’t leave teaching for anyone nor was forced to do so. Secondly, in the end, actually I decided to stay and teach another year at my school (long story why it didn’t happen). The only reason it is tough is because I know that if I’m not somehow connected to my function here or feeling active in my purpose or gifts and passions here, she would have the tendency to feel bad because I considered coming here due to her scholarship. I do not hold anyone responsible for anything or hold a grudge.


In fact, Haley is the most relationally selfless person I know. Every action, thought, word, deed is to push me toward what God has implanted in me before the world began. And this she does even to the detriment of herself, no matter distance or time. And I have never seen that. Never. So she would be the last person to dictate where I would or should go. And would choose that I do what God has in store for me even if insane to the world around me (and believe me, this was).


She is the most energetic person in the world constantly gorging herself on the only positive addiction—life (well, and love, too). She surrounds herself with brilliant people and it rubs off on her. She’s modest and self-deprecating and ever-praising of those around her. Her presence could only benefit me and has done so thus far and will continue to do so as she chooses to immerse herself in the culture here and surround herself with South Africans.

I got a few articles (though I’m only supposed to write one a month). They are below. Beware, though. My editor changed them around a bit. He put his own titles on them and changed things, like adding caps, quotes, italics, etc. He even groups it. So the message may be a bit different from what I meant. It’s interesting to see what an editor does.



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