Thursday, November 20, 2008

WORLD FOOD DAY – October 16, 2008

Most of the hunger today is related to poverty. So one way to do something for the poor is to help with hunger. With under a billion people lacking access to safe, clean drinking water and over 900 million go hungry each day, about the same number. There is much to be done whether internationally or in our own backyards.

I was downtown on Saturday (the 1st of November) after a canceled sunset cruise and I saw a homeless girl. I smiled because I knew her from before. It's weird to say but it was good to still see her on the street, to know she was alive and kicking. We went through our routine again. We walked to the store and I bought her cornflakes and milk. This time she needed tampons. She was embarrassed about this so when the clerk rang the order up, she put them under her shirt. When that didn't fit she put it in the sleeve of her jersey (sweatshirt in the U.S.). The first time we met, she smiled when she realized I was an American. People like Americans. . .well some people do. She did. Though she needs an immediate temporary solution, she also needs a permanent one as well. Again I'm not sure what to do about her.

But there are things you can do. One of my favorite groups (definitely not the only one, and in no way will I call them the best) is World Vision.

I love their heart. So check them out, and if you would like to give give.

There are some things you can do.

You can donate.
You can give monthly support.
You can sponsor a specific child.
You can start a food drive or a hunger drive.
You can organize an awareness campaign at your work or school.
You can host a hunger night in your community and speak or invite people to come and speak.

The list goes on. Get creative.

Here are some facts and figures on hunger:

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