Thursday, November 20, 2008


So I'm not sure for what I will apply. I actually had a friend tell me she honestly felt I would make a greater impact teaching K-12 than doing HIV research or research in general. I absolutely feel that way with some of the projects here in my lab (sometimes we do things that are not really impacting the world in any way), but I am not sure about the statement.

Anyway, she showed me a site about the wonderful work they are doing in New Orleans, completely chartering it up. I really hope the whole state of Louisiana is also receiving that love.

The second site is one about a school opening in New York that will finally pay teachers something closer to what they deserve (still not enough), give them paid sabbaticals every 5th year, allow them to teach only 1 course/subject and give ample time during the day for preparation work. It is one of those all-day schools so good luck with that.

I really love Engineers without Borders and wish they offered permanent positions. The Canadian EWB has a volunteering position like Peace Corps but less time.

I think if I stayed in this kind of work, I would like to either do relief/development work for a non-profit, multi-national, or an ngo or be a professor who applied his research to socially impacting work like development (including public health).

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