Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm in full-fledged counseling now at church. We outreach to the community. I usually work half-days on Mondays but Mondays are slow days because everyone is off since church staff work on Sundays. Only the finance guy, the graphics guy, receptionist, and one nurse is on duty. Even the clinic is not open (no doctor), and most counseling people come for both the clinic and counseling. So we don't get much business (it's free). I've only seen on HIV-counseling patient. Others have been life counseling if at all. Today I have a second male HIV-counseling patient. So we'll see how it goes. They called me in because they wanted a male even though today (voting Tuesday in the States) is not my day to volunteer. I've also started the crisis pregnancy self-modules. So we'll see how fast that goes. I'm almost done with the worksheets they gave me for two weeks (they are writing the curriculum as they go).

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