Friday, March 22, 2013

Google Reader Alternatives

As most of you know, Google Reader will shut down by the 1st of July, 2013. If you use Google Reader to follow me or any of your other friends, you may want to think about alternatives in the next 3 months. There are a number of other great RSS feed services that actually allow you to import your Google Reader subscriptions. Here are a few free ones I know.

Feedly - Feedly is probably the most popular RSS feed service in my community of friends. It features various web sites for your perusal and has a "Save for Later" function and a history feature to see what you've recently read.

Bloglovin - This is a nice news feeder service that is clean and intuitive to use (at least for me). It's free and features different blogs and posts to entice you to take a look. It has an iPhone app, but I don't believe it has an Android app at the moment. Here's an example lifestyle blog I was reading today on Bloglovin, The Londoner.

The Old Reader - If you want to go old school, love simplicity without a lot of distractions, and don't need a reader for your phone, you've come to the right place.

Taptu - Taptu lets you customise your feeds to get it just right for you. It has a lot of news feeds and sites listed by category to help you find what you may want to subscribe, too.

Pulse - This is nice for first time users because it's simple (and slick). You can swipe horizontally or vertically and you can personalize your home screen.

If you're ok with mobile-only RSS services with no web-based component, you can try Google Currents or Flipboard, both free.

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