Sunday, March 24, 2013


Since we’ve been talking about social work, non-profit effectiveness, and education, I want to mention a related movie. I love documentaries because they highlight real problems using real people to tell their stories. However, some people don’t enjoy documentaries, and some don’t watch them.

So even though Waiting for Superman is an eye-opening documentary about the plight of education in urban settings in America today and the lack of equal opportunity to excellent education for every child, whether suburban, urban, or rural, there is another option—a fictional one. Check out the movie Won’t Back Down. It has a wonderful website with a toolkit to allow you to work on the issues once you’ve viewed the movie, spread the word, and work to change the system.

If you do like documentaries, you can watch the Waiting for Superman movie or just watch the trailer.

However if you like fictional ways of exploring such important issues and recognize the sometimes greater ability of fiction to tell a story and speak to people, check out the Won’t Back Down movie trailer and website. Go out and watch the movie if you can.

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