Sunday, October 31, 2010


I always do movies, but I’m being lazy and not talking about other stuff.

I restarted on fiction this year after many years of rest from it. I’m back and I love it.


After Many a Summer Dies the Swan by Aldous Huxley
A Single Man by Isherwood

A Single Man refers to the Huxley book, so I read that first and am still reading the second one. I saw the film first with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. I won’t spoil it but to say that Huxley’s book is hugely intellectual and makes you think and question life and how this world works. It’s almost like reading a non-fiction book on philosophy at the same time you’re reading a Hollywood novel (set in LA). Isherwood is all about the senses and is deeply set in the emotions of the main character with as little dialogue as possible. Small words, big feelings. You might enjoy it.


Born into Brothels

Some of the images produced by these kids were phenomenal. I heard about this first in 2006 I think it was. But I haven’t watched it until now. A photographer travels to India and while there she works with kids who live and work in brothels (usually their mothers are prostitutes) and she gives them a camera to see the world through their eyes. Definitely watch it.

Jesus Camp

I talked about this earlier in this update. It’s about these summer Christian Evangelical camps (charismatic variety) and how they indoctrinate with political ideology as well about George Bush or abortion. It’s interesting and scary. I have a small group from my church that wants to meet at my house and my roommate was freaked out saying they better not be like that or else no. What’s interesting to me is that someone described the film as neutral. It’s possible it is, but I think the film spins a bad light on the people and that’s maybe because I’m sensitive to such things, but the Christian camp director and the people in the film weren’t able to see that their own actions or responses could be interpreted pretty badly so they fed into it. I wasn’t that freaked out by it as I’m used to that type of Christianity, but maybe they didn’t see anything negative because I’m a different type.


I recently have been looking at some of the art by a photographer named Newbegin. She goes to developing countries (and developed countries) and takes pictures of buildings and rooms. I’m more of a people photographer but her work is rather interesting and improves throughout the years. See if you can find some interesting pictures on her site. Click the Portfolio link.

Katherine Newbegin

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