Sunday, May 11, 2008

UPDATE April 20, 2008

April 20, 2008

No lie, I was on a kids camp, recently, and I saw a leader/counselor leave the stall after number 2 without washing his hands. Reminds me of my 5-day hike. In fact, I think the same guy did the same thing on that hike as well. Let the games begin!!

At a recent kids camp, one white boy came up to me and said, “Oh my GOSH. Look at his lips. They’re HUGE! Look at HIS LIPS!!”

At a recent kids camp (mentioned later), we had a session with just boys during which the speaker, one of the male counselors, spoke about David and Goliath. He then asked the boys about evil, big giants in their lives (obviously looking for things like anger/temper, lying, maybe school grades/subjects, a tough sport). One boy raised his hand and said “Robert Mugabe.” Another raised his hand and said “Jacob Zuma.” The counselors did all they could not to laugh. “Guys, guys, guys. This is not political . . .”

Aliens have attacked and decided to abduct all the sexy and good-looking people.

You will be fine, but you will no longer see me anymore . . . . .


I have a postcard that says something like that on a pin-up board in my office.

They have put a pin-up board which I don’t use and a white board which I also don’t use. They asked me if I wanted it and I don’t know if I wanted it; it didn’t matter to me. If I was really pressed for it, I would have been asking for one before they gave me one because there were extras. Anyway, they also gave me a yellow lamp from the 1960’s that sits in a corner 2.5 meters from any outlet.

This one will be short as I don’t have much internet access these days at home. And for that reason this update is coming to you late and will be short. Most of the week I’ve spent on education.

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