Sunday, May 11, 2008


Home is ok. I think I told that Radesh was homeless. Well, he has now officially moved in. So we have 4 people living in a space of 3. It’s funny; I believe I lived in an apartment once (it was VERY large) that was larger (inside square meters or feet) than this one. So I was talking with some people from Holland today who had been to my house and they thought there were only two bedrooms there. I told them, no; there are three. They also thought there were only 3 of us with Radesh. I explained there were 4.

The nice thing is that we get a discount on the rent during the 3-4 months he’s here. But he’s had trouble finding places to store all of his belongings. So I have taken some into my room. I now have a TV in my room which I don’t use, a computer monitor which sits on the floor and a large bag with a large comforter in it. So there’s just a lot of stuff in the house now and it can be hard to find a place to sit sometimes. But they said this isn’t the permanent look as they’re trying to store things bit by bit. I have a dinner party in a week so hopefully it will work out. There is the possibility that we will eat out.

Other than that, it’s just hard to dry clothes now. We’re moving into winter which in Cape Town is like rainy season so I don’t like to hang clothes outside to dry. Also some kind of animal leaves fecal matter on my clothes when hung outside. But the problem now is that it’s difficult to tell if clothes (hung on a clothes rack in the covered patio) are wet or just really cold. I’m not sure which it was, but it either way using some shorts for hot sweaty yoga felt nice compared to the hot-sweaty temperatures of hot sweaty yoga (Christian yoga if you’re offended).

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