Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I have to correct one thing. Some people have said that CT is diverse contradicting whatever I implied (not sure). If you come and you see a mix of people you would think it was diverse. The lens I’m using is an African one. So from an African perspective being in an African country, it has a large amount of white people. It’s enough to call it a white city in reference against the rest of the country (say like Joburg) or relative to the other parts of the country. Also remember two things. MANY times I am the only (or one of few) black person at an event or in the room (conferences, university events, city events, concerts, anything that involves money disenfranchises most blacks and coloureds). Again, I’m the only black person there. WHAT? That’s like in the US (exACTly!). Secondly, many of the black people come into the city to work and go back out to the townships. Coloured are a bit more spread throughout the city, but many of them also come into work and back out to the Flats. So that is to help you understand. The percentages I gave in the first update are still accurate.

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