Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I’ve had visitors for 3 and a half weeks. Jeannie and Haley were here taking Xhosa lessons. They moved into my house on Tuesday. And Haley hosted Rosa from Thursday to Sunday. Well, Rosa was my guest because the guest of my guest is my guest (if a host has a guest who has a guest that guest is the host’s guest). Anyway, you get my point. So it was a full bustling house with Radesh, Anna, and Ryan and all these people. We were sleeping everywhere in the house. Anna commented yesterday that it’s quiet once again. I agreed; it feels like we’re alone.

It’s been a great time. Rosa (a Rotary Ambassadorial scholar from Pennsylvania assigned to Rhodes University in Grahamstown, as well) is a spunky girl. She’s ready to take on the world and change it through philosophy. I commended her as it’s not a common path to that goal (others choose political science, government, social work, law, etc.) So it was really cool, and she reminded me how wide and sometimes practical philosophy can be (political philosophy, philosophy of religion (one of my favorite profs teaches this), etc.).

Rosa left Sunday on a bus. And Haley left Monday on a plane. And now Jeannie is left in a new place. We hope she likes it and we’ll see what happens.

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