Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Elizabeth: the Golden Age

Cate Blanchett—what can I say. She’s quite terrific. She is starting to appear too much because when an actor appears in many films, you start to see how she does what she does. And it doesn’t look so amazing. But she always does low-profile characters and movies. And I had never seen her in sort-of-normal role until “Notes on a Letter” or something like that. She seemed to play a normal teacher-mother-wife where I could almost see her personality. But otherwise, it’s hidden behind her amazing roles. She doesn’t like to play herself. Excellent job.

Bucket List

This is Jeannie’s favorite movie. It was a nice fun, moralish movie. And it was just good to see Jack do his thing. Haley said he breathes life into what ever role he does, and it was true here. Morgan was Morgan. There is a sort of natural elegance which he seems to be unable to help. But it was an enjoyable for me. It had mixed reviews, but ask Jeannie; she loved it!

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